• DaGman84

A Letter To Carlos Tevez

Dear Carlos,

I just thought I’d write you once again, unfortunately the last two letters I sent you didn't write back but that's cool, this time I just wanted to let you know I'm glad your back! The Premiership has been missing you and I consider you to be one of my favourite premiership players of all time. If you’re wondering what the purpose of this letter is, well I just wanted you to know I fully back you and forever will. I have been extremely incensed by the way Manchester City, the media and FA have been treating you. How dare they...! How bloody dare they treat a prolific journey man like yourself as if you’re some sort of dog! There is no loyalty in football no more!!! Doesn't a FA cup and 56 goals in 83 games mean anything these days? It's totally diabolical, if a player of your calibre wishes not to play then you shouldn't need to; even if your names on the team sheet and your sitting on the bench at the time, it’s not like your getting paid to play football is it? I was deeply saddened when you were fined and suspended by Man City, I haven't felt this down since Adrian Mutu and Mark Bosnich were sacked by Chelsea for failing a DRUGS test and by the way who ever said a little Charlie done anyone any harm ? Football is losing its soul, you must have heard about Luis Suarez right? He was suspended for 9 games by the FA for using racially friendly language towards that lying, physcopath Patrice Evra, also JT in court for repeating racist language that he was trying to explain he didn’t use!!! This is totally ridiculous, football has become an extremely fickle sport where it seems the footballers are being victimised for their success and lavish wealth; after all look at all you do for the sport. You turn up week in and week out to perform for your Team, Boss and Fans, I absolutely feel sorry for you guys I really do. The pressure that you’re under to be role models for millions & millions of little children around the world. Come on It’s not like when were a little lad your dreams were of becoming a highly paid footballer with influence of a president? I'm pretty sure if you knew how much pressure came with being a millionaire you would have done a normal 9-5 like me right?? Plus is anyone actually thinking about the next generation of future ungrateful stars that look up to guys like you week in week out, with the likes of you being out the game for 5 months can ruin these fragile souls development. Is anyone thinking about how badly these kids are missing out on the important lessons you share on how to be a disrespectful pampered pre-madonna? No of course not, every ones fixed on morals and good deeds! Not me sir Tevez I salute you and your fight against goodwill and decency. Life as a premiership star must be so hard to deal with? Again i have to express how sorry for you I feel! It must get ever so taxing, some see it as a labour of love but not I, and I understand how much it can be hell. Biggie Smalls always used to say 'Mo money mo problems'... And i have to say i agree totally, the more money you have the harder it must be to make crucial decisions like should i buy a Ferrari or should i buy a Chrysler? Gucci or Ralph Lauren Glasses? Gold or Platinum watch? God knows how you do Tevez.

I couldn't you imagine a life where you are paid excessive amounts of money to kick around inflatable object for 90 minutes on a Saturday or Sunday; or having the opportunity to train with the world’s best players, coaches and sporting management staff around the world. Dam just talking about it makes me want to pass out... Getting paid to remain healthy is definitely not a lifestyle for me, I’d rather work in a coalmine; on a farm; fu@* it send me to Baghdad! My o my so much stress and for what? Even worse god forbid you get injured and twist a knee or rupture a knee ligament it would be so annoying if you had the aid of a highly decorated private doctor or the best surgeons in the world to fix you up. Isn't life a bi@*#!

Football is losing its soul and your one of the last true footballers I definitely wouldn't want to live your life Tev! But if there was ever a day you needed some one step in for you, “I’D TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM!” Yours Truly @DaGman84

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