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Are the 'Kenny Out' brigade morons?

The short version would lean towards not entirely, but my opinion is yes they are, but let’s go through the reasons for & against.

Now, the 1st reason for, is Carroll, Henderson & Downing. These guys did cost a staggering £75m or thereabouts combined and in terms of end result there hasn't been much, yes Downing was MOTM in the Carling Cup Final against Championship Cardiff City, but let's move on before I digress too much. All 3 of these players some would say are NOT Liverpool players and will do nothing but castigate their every move on the pitch during every second of a game and yes I do admit they all need to do better, but, Henderson generally plays out of position in a packed midfield, which some have asked, why sign him for £20m in the first place, but I’ll come back to that. Carroll, in the same way as Henderson isn't really being utilized in the best way, sometimes as an impact sub, & we're not getting enough crosses into him to use his aerial prowess to its fullest, but sometimes the phrase 'when in Rome applies and as Vince McMahon said on WWF Raw in 1998 to Stone Cold Steve Austin 'adaptation is key in life' (Obligatory wrestling reference no.1) and that segues nicely into Downing, who on a general basis needs to take a page out of WWE superstar The Rock's play book and start beating 'jabroni's' on the wing (another obligatory wrestling reference) to supply those crosses not just for Carroll, but Suarez to with greater regularity. The money we paid for each of these guys, was inflated to say the least, and I've often said that especially with Carroll we got raped on price, but considering all 3 are English that was always going to be the case due to Englishmen being technically inferior to most of their foreign counterparts, but grossly superior (partly due to the 6 + 5 rule) when it comes to commanding transfer fees & wages. Forgetting transfer fees for a minute these 3 men haven't delivered, but whereas players always need a season (in my opinion) to settle in, look at Drogba for Chelsea for instance or Ronaldo at Man United, most people expected brilliance from these 3 men straight away, and I've said on numerous occasions that this would be a building season after last years salvage job where a cup would be nice as a bonus but 4th place should be the focus.

Now, those 3 players the price wasn't their fault but at least with Carroll & Hendo you can say they are young, 23 & 21 respectively (or thereabouts) so they've got time to mature & develop and only a really special breed of player such as a Lionel Messi can be a world class player at 24, so to all the haters, i say give Carroll & Henderson time, and by time i don't mean a year or 1 season, i mean potentially 3-4 years. Anyway, coming back to the Kenny out brigade, for some reason even though Kenny has only been in charge just over a year and bear in mind he's won a trophy, it may not be the trophy we all want, but everyone starts from humble beginnings. As someone mentioned on our Carling Cup Final video when we were on Wembley way (which can be viewed here - http://youtu.be/VcN9-DQIblU ) Gerard Houllier started his trophy laden run in 2001 with the then Worthington Cup Final win, also on penalties, against Division one side at the time Birmingham City. This season we've still got the FA Cup to play for so we could still end up with a cup double, which wouldn't be too bad, winning both the cups we could, but if we do that, next season has to see a consistent league push & more players stepping up to the plate.

2nd reason, In recent games against Wigan Athletic (the 2-1 defeat at Anfield) & especially against QPR (the defeat at Loftus road) we've stagnated and defended horribly at times (Da Gman @dagman84 , Gezzie Fizzle @apparentlyrich & many of our Pitch Talk listeners will regularly hear me castigating defenders on shows as i am an Amateur league defender myself for IBIS FC www.ibisfc.co.uk for more info on them), with the latter we dominated a game for 75 minutes but came out losers (which was embarrassing to say the least considering we were 2-0 up!!! And the Wigan defeat rubbed it in even more!!!), and it is after the final score the points get dished out to the winners, not at 75 minutes and as I've said on many a pitch talk match update 'possession is nothing without penetration', so instead of fiddling with the bra, we need to be moving those panties to the side and aiming for penetration without mercy (and yes I am ready for the #ssljaisawrongun hash tag to be trending on twitter courtesy of my Pitch Talk co-hosts Da Gman @dagman84 on twitter & Gezzie Fizzle @apparentlyrich on twitter) but the fact remains that penetration is the key to success just like in a titty bar where money is the key to success.

Anyway, to me the Kenny out brigade needs to take a chill pill, shut the f*ck up and stop getting fished in to the media hype as the media would love to get another manager sacked, like Simon Grayson at Leeds or Lee Clark at Huddersfield Town, of Andre Villas-Boas at Chelsea (which i still think was a moron move) or Mick McCarthy at Wolves, but remember boo boys, Rome wasn't built in a day and as much as football is a short term sport for some, especially greedy owners such as Roman Abramovic, remember, we are a club that built a dynasty, we are not short term thinkers like Chelsea who now have succeeded Real Madrid in terms of a revolving door of management where you pay millions of pounds to get a manager out of a contract and then they get told like AVB did that 'we have a 3 year plan for you' then a month later you get sacked after only being in charge for 8 months, we are a club that apart from Roy Hodgson (who had us in the relegation zone just over a year ago) generally gives managers at least 3 years to do what they need to do. Not everything falls into place straight away and yes Kenny isn't perfect, some say he's misguided trying to build a British looking core to the team, but i say, give a manager time to do what he needs to do as a long-term project takes a lot of the worlds greatest commodity, and remember this, mediocrity isn't excellence and time is what everyone wants more of, but everyone is so unwilling to give it in this 'microwave' age where yesterday is when everything is expected.

The Carling Cup was a start & could have been a springboard, but remember, the players need to pick up the slack first, because like with England's footballing underachievement, the manager & his tactics can only do so much, then it's the players that have do go out there and do the job.

Passion, pride, pass & move, it's not the Liverpool groove (cos I'm not singing), it's the Liverpool way, and instead of just ripping at our boyz, get behind them, not like you’re in a club and trying to grind on a lady kind of behind, but support them like a bra supports breasts, with positive reinforcement things can get better and with penetration and a couple of better players here and there (most notably on the wings for us) success isn't far away, let the parasitic media say what they will say & look long term, instead of short term like them & let the King do his ting!!!

I’m Straight Shootin' LJA & that’s my opinion

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