• Straight Shootin' LJA

Football, the game we love

It gives the highest highs and the lowest of lows,

It can bring us up, only to let us down,

The team you support, the shirt you just bought,

The renewed hope, the managerial tight rope,

The title race, the final relegation place,

The look on your face, that winger's pace,

From ESPN & ITV to sky and the BBC, From super Sundays to motd,

Football is the sport for me,

As I live and breathe, sometimes I can't believe it,

Just what this game can do to me,

It makes me scream and shout, even when my team is down and out,

Clear the schedule at weekends, my week begins as some come to an end,

Whether playing, watching, or talking about it,

Straight Shootin' LJA can never doubt it, football is the sport for me,

It unites him, she, and we, as a footballing family,

Sometimes it's like a gift from above,

Whether it's called soccer or football,

It's simply the game we love.

I’m Straight Shootin’ LJA & that’s my opinion.

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