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Gerrard & Ungrateful fans

Now, of course, I have the Liverpool FC perspective on the ungrateful fans issue with the recent abuse that our great Captain Steven Gerrard has had to endure from a few supposed Liverpool supporters recently. It was brought to my attention that certain Liverpool supporters were chastizing Steven Gerrard after an errant backpass against Chelsea and me for one was appalled by the way some people had the temerity to turn on Stevie G.

Admittedly 2009/2010 hasn't been Gerrard's best season in a Liverpool shirt (the defeat away to Wigan was probably the worst I've ever seen him play) but let's not have this short memory stupidness that some seem to have. Criticism is fine as everyone makes mistakes and no-one is perfect, just take top-level referee's as an example of this, but think about what Steven has done for Liverpool over the years, remember the F.A Cup final in 2006 aka the Gerrard final (and it wasn't called that because Gerrard sat back and watch proceedings pass him by), remember who started the scoring in Istanbul, remember who scored the critical 3rd goal against Olympiakos that was the beginning of us getting there in the 1st place.

When I saw the mistake by Stevie G I turned around to a friend of mine who I watched that match with and said 'you know what, after everything he's done for the club, I can't be pissed at him for doing that. I had the same reaction when he did the same thing which presented Thierry Henry with a goal back in 2004/2005 at Highbury after he had carried our team for that whole season. My message is simple, have your opinion by all means, but remember what Steven Gerrard has done for our club before you start calling him shit, or a twat or any other defamatory name, otherwise, I might have to start quoting Didier Drogba & calling you a fucking disgrace, because that's what turncoat fans are.

I'm Straight Shootin' LJA & that's my opinion

Liam Aka LJA

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