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Is Messi really a Worldwide Legend or an Overhyped Domestic Super Hero?

When Lionel Messi shattered Cesar Rodriguez of Spain 60-year-old goal-scoring record against Granada last week I had to ask myself once again, “IS MESSI REALLY A LEGEND?” Now I’ve had this argument countless times with many people, especially my pitch talk co-hosts @sslja and @apparentlyrich (add them on Twitter if you don't know about them), and admittedly my views change each time. "Of course he's a legend!"; "How can he be a legend?"; "Look at what he's done for Barcelona!"; "Look at what he hasn't done for Argentina!"; "Nah!!! Don't be stupid he's a midget!"; "Come on, he has to be he's a super midget!" All of the above statements have formulated certain views of mine in the past.

Now I know there are those of you reading this today thinking dam @dagman84 “What's up with you dude? You must be on crack, cracks one hell of a drug! (Rick James voice) or he's one crazy son of a football!! How can you even muster up an argument denying Messi as a living legend? In 7 years at only the age of 24 Messi has one thing that past legends/gods/heroes still dream about. He has broken Barcelona's all-time goal-scoring record of 232 goals plus to his name he has 3 champions league titles, 5 La Liga titles, 2 Fifa Ballon d’Or, and a Fifa world player of the year. So then how can he not be considered as a legend?

But as always my reply to this is and will always be "Why not?" Why can his supposed legendary status not be questioned? Maybe for Barcelona, he is their player of the moment, no one can deny that truth. The worldwide media love him; fans adore him; football needs him; he’s the current darling of football. Yet for me, these praises can only pay tribute to what Messi has done domestically with one team that is the GREAT! Barcelona (Not AVERAGE but GREAT) because on the international stage the Messi we have come to know throughout his week to week exploits in the La Liga and Champions League is merely a shadow of himself on the world’s biggest stage.

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