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Moron Mario, has his Blue bubble burst?

Mario Balotelli has confused, amused, bemused but not abused me, but all of the previous things he's done for me in equal measure. As said I've been confused by him, especially recently in Man City's game against Arsenal because similar to Matthew Brown of Leeds United 2 days before against Reading, 'moron' Mario (as I like to call him on Pitch Talk shows) seemed to be trying to get himself sent off with 2 stupid challenges on Bacary Sagna and an absolutely disgraceful challenge on Alexandre Song which somehow the officials missed (how they did I don't know but I may have to blog about officials and peculiar decisions). Now, back to senor Balotelli, another thing that left me confused was in the game before against Sunderland where at one point he was arguing with Kolarov about taking a free kick, Kolarov had taken every other free kick so Mario, you should have left him to it. Now, some say Balotelli is a 'firework'/firecracker of a player, which he is, his 2 goals v Sunderland prove that, but for me I think the dream is almost over for Mario and he seems to be burning bridges intentionally.

As I said to Da Gman @dagman84 & Gezzie Fizzle @apparentlyrich and our other fans on the Live Pitch Talk show on April 9th 2012, Balotelli isn't playing in the shop window, because I personally would be like how Gary Glitter should be when he's near a playground...stay away from the kids & stay away from Mario in this case. Alan Hansen said after the Sunderland match he's a magnet for the media & a divisive character, which he is and to me he's definitely a character. Now, in football we need characters but if i had a team that needed to focus when going head to head with a team like Manchester United for the title the one kind of person I wouldn't want in my side is a Mario Balotelli.

As a manager it must be hard to control him & as a teammate he must be more frustrating than not being able to please your wife because you can't 'rise to the occasion'. Imagine having a teammate as unpredictable and reckless as Mario Balotelli, you'd always be on edge thinking 'is he going to let us down, is he going to do something dumb?' and more often than not the answer to both of those questions is a resounding YES! Now, with a dark cloud like that hanging over you it does distract you and with Man City needing wins and their bigger players not performing well you'd need someone like Mario to step up, instead of stepping into more controversy but Mario does as Mario will and for me he's burning bridges daily not just at Man City, but in the Premier League, as it almost seems Mario can't help himself with doing silly things off the pitch as well as on it, sharing a hooker with Wayne Rooney, going to a strip club/titty bar the night before a game (which i still find hilarious) as well as his other misdemeanors just in 2012! Mancini in my view hasn't helped at times because like a flirty woman who doesn't really fancy you he's been sending out mixed signals, one minute Mancini is saying things like 'I don't trust him' & 'i wanted to take him off after 5 minutes' after him scoring twice and repeatedly starting him in games like he believes in him. But I digress, and the only 'Super' Mario these days is the Bayern Munich striker Mario Gomez as moron Mario edges closer to his self created exit door at the Etihad stadium. Balotelli is a character and a hilarious figure who does at times get a hard time, but to me most of it is self-inflicted and on this April 9th when I'm writing this blog, I think Mario's career at Manchester City is done, his blue bubble has burst & he's been the architecht of his own demise, which leads me to ask the question, when the sheikh's shake down City, will Mancini be following Moron Mario to the unemployment line? Moron Mario, we’ll miss your antics, but it seems like even after your apology for the red card against Arsenal, for City that enough is enough and it’s time for a change & with that obligatory wrestling reference i’d like to send a R.I.P to former WWF/WWE Tag Team, European & Intercontinental champion Owen Hart and a thank you to Mario Balotelli for contributing so much to the Pitch Talk show in terms of entertainment.

I’m Straight Shootin' LJA & that’s my opinion

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