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Mourinho, Cundy & the non-existent Anti-Chelsea conspiracy

On a blog on the La Footyettes website I got some inspiration for this blog which will probably sound like more of a rant than a measured piece of thoughtful writing but still, blogging with feeling is what the Straight Shootin' One is all about!

Personally, i'd like to open by saying that I don't think Jose Mourinho or 'Jose moany ho' as I like to call him was being light-hearted with his quips & bitching about the lack of Chelsea pundits on TV. He p*ssed me off to the point where I ended up having quite a rant on the last Pitch Talk show of 2013 (30-12-2013) which also ended up as a Rant of the Week about the fact that he seemed to miss the fact that Ray Wilkins (ex-Chelsea player) has been doing punditry with Sky Sports for a long time & that Glenn Hoddle (also ex-Chelsea) was doing punditry on Sky Sports for that very game between Liverpool & Chelsea. Mourinho's arrogant ways generally drive me up the wall on a general basis and it especially annoys me that the guy is basically a media darling, he is never gracious in victory or defeat but because some people like him he get's away with it. Bear in mind I don't defend the media, I think our media (English media) is a disgrace with the way they brownnose, hype and do nothing but forward agendas, which is the reason why I call them the 'parisitic media' on Pitch Talk shows, so don't think i'm trying to help/defend the 'legit' news media outlets.

Anyway, with that last point said, Jose Mourinho is successful, no doubt about that but he's a short-term manager who likes to splash the cash, just look at how much he's spent at Inter Milan, Real Madrid & especially Chelsea and look at how long he stays at each team and you'll hopefully see my point. Jason Cundy, well, this nothing happening no name no account jabrone can say all he wants and he seems like another moron with a nonsensical opinion, he won't issue an apology and even if he does it'll probably only be at the behest of his employers as people like him & Mourinho tend to believe their own hype & b.s otherwise they wouldn't say it in the first place.

As a Liverpool supporter myself I found Cundy (replace that d with a t and you'll get close to my view on the comments he made) and his comments to be narrow minded & moronic, questionable decisions are rife within the game these days no matter what the ground, it's a sad fact but there's another issue there anyway, no-one deserves the kind of abuse or vitriol that Cundy aimed at Liverpool supporters, tarring everyone with the same brush is unfair and ignorant, there are a lot of keyboard warriors on twitter but there are more good folk on there than bad and in my view, as i've said on Pitch Talk shows, every club has a moronic minority of fans, Liverpool are no different, but neither are Chelsea. Mourinho also seems to have a conveniently short memory accusing Suarez of diving considering he signed Arjen Robben & Didier Drogba for Chelsea FC, by the way, 2 players diving in 2 games says you have divers in your team Jose, just thought i'd mention that..

But still, even leaving that aside, for me, Jose Mourinho isn't the special one, he's the arrogant one and to paraphrase former WWE superstar Shawn Michaels back in November 1998 as I did on last Monday's Pitch Talk show (in regards to Cundy and Jose this time), 'if I wanted crap out of you, i'd pick it out of your teeth'.

I'm Straight Shootin' LJA & that's my opinion

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