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Patrice Evra And Luis Suarez Have Unfinished Business

Given the lack of Luis Suarez's handshake and the subsequent lack of an apology to Patrice Evra from Suarez; I have to say that for me, the Suarez/Evra issue isn't settled.

I'm not saying this because I'm a perpetuator of hate between Liverpool and United fans, I'm quite the opposite. Some of closest and longest friends are Liverpool fans and I have a few cousins, begrudgingly, that also support Liverpool.

I RESPECTED Liverpool Football Club's history in the game of football and wider society but please don't ignore the past tense. The reason why I don't respect Liverpool Football Club any more is because I detest the way that Liverpool have carried themselves throughout the incident.

Their blind loyalty to their player was understandable yet terribly misguided and their characterisation of Patrice Evra is as laughable as it is defaming of Evra's character.

Worse than all of this however is the complete and total lack of an apology.

Before you start, I'm well aware of the apologies of King Kenny and even Suarez himself so those aren't the ones I mean, those were for the fans, the media and the Liverpool board.

The apologies I mean the apology to Patrice Evra. Liverpool Football Club haven't apologised, Kenny Dalglish hasn't apologised and Luis Suarez hasn't apologised either.

Even Prime Minister David Cameron has waded in, taking time away from running the country to say that football needs to do more to stamp out racism. Personally, I think he should be doing more to stimulate the economy but he has a valid point. It's something for the FA to do.

The FA need to intervene once again. They intervened in the curious case of Wayne Rooney and for all intents and purposes looked to have assisted in the delay of John Terry's trial but I feel that they need to intervene in the fallout of Suarez/Evra.

For me and for a lot of fans and analysts, the lack of a formal apology to Evra has tarnished Liverpool's image and legacy. A lot of other analysts and even former players who were victims of racism themselves say that this issue is over and should be swept under the carpet.

Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem. For me and probably for Patrice Evra and his friends and family, the only thing that really resolves the issue are apologies from Liverpool Football Club and Luis Suarez.

If an apology doesn't come Patrice Evra will be well within his rights to sue Luis Suarez and Liverpool Football Club for defamation of character and psychological damages.

If the FA doesn't intervene and let's face it, it's a bit after the fact for them to be bothered and they're clearly more worried about the outcome of the John Terry trial, I think Patrice Evra should offer him out for a UFC fight under PRIDE rules.

Evra would make him tap out!

Entry by Pitch Talk Co-host Gezzie Fizzle

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