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SSLJA's 2016 Europa League Final thoughts

Been a while since I've blogged but with the dust barely settled; the banter flying about the 2016 Europa League final between Liverpool and Sevilla (which the latter won 3-1) i thought i'd chime in with my thoughts.

As i've said before on #ptlive shows and to others too, it'll take a good season and a half to see the true Klopp effect as he'd have a full preseason and get in the players he feels he needs to implement his philosophy rather than some square pegs in round holes, he's done well with the parts he had but it's underlined the necessity to strengthen in the summer, Matip will be a welcomed addition but even if we'd have won tonight there'd need to be a clear out as well as major additions.

Hand ball appeal in the first half, would have been harsh to give, Lovren's goal disallowed, correct decisions given on both in my view and of course as a Kopite it hurts me to say.

Looked like like we ran out of energy 2nd half as we didn't get touch tight with any of the goals, as much as I hate to play the blame game Moreno was at fault twice for the 1st goal which was the momentum shifter, then majorly (not the only one) at fault for the 3rd goal as well.

Gladly in his post match interview Jurgen Klopp didn't start throwing people under the bus, criticising his players, or trying to bury the referee, he took responsibility for the performance and the defeat, stated the fact that he'd been in charge 7 months and that he'll use the experience to spur on the players going forward, use the heartache as a boost as you won't want to feel it again. In some ways it's a blessing in disguise not to have european football next year as similar to 2013/14 we can have 1 goal, 1 focus (to quote WWE superstar HHH from mid 1999) so it'll be interesting.

That final is why (as i've said to numerous people) I didn't want Sevilla in the semi finals as they have pedigree in the europa league and i'm not dropping a HHH #owr this time (Obligatory wrestling reference for those who join us for PTLive shows). The fact is congratulations Sevilla have 3-peated consecutively and deserved it, imagine how p*ssed they'd have been if they'd lost after winning it twice and the new provision of a champions league group spot being brought in as a prize...

It's a real shame really but this is the beginning, not the end for Klopp's reign and his building of the squad.

I'm Straight Shootin' LJA, I am a proud Kopite & that's my opinion!!!

Come on you Redmen!!! #YWNA

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