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Straight Shootin' final thoughts on Liverpool & Ibis FC in 2013/2014

I'd like to start my breif musings on the 2013/2014 Barclays Premier League season by saying, thank you, thank you to Liverpool fc & Ibis fc for the memories you've given me this season. Leading the Ibis fc 4's as captain for the season was a huge challenge for me with new responsibilities in a completely new role but i've thoroughly enjoyed it even though we came close to avoiding relegation. Liverpool fc have given me a Barclays premier league season I won't soon forget as I hold my head up high and continue to be proud of being a Liverpool fc supporter. There were many turning points and many manic moments this season but the fact is for the domestic club I love and the club I play for there have been some truly emotional moments.

With Liverpool we may have thrown the title away but the fact is we've exceeded our own expectations by coming 2nd by only 2 points, which is made even more amazing considering the resources Manchester City & Chelsea have at their disposal and by the fact we were 33/1 outsiders to win the premier league in August. As i've said on numerous Pitch Talk shows, our defence was always going to cost us but the fact is you go rise as a team and you fall as a team.

Monday April 21st 2014 will be a day i'll never forget due to that being the 1st time I had the honour of visiting Anfield for a match and the fact it was the 'In celebration of the 96' match made it even more emotional. On the Ibis fc side I scored my first goal for the club at the right end in a 2-0 win v Old Actonians on April 12th 2014 which is another date i'll never forget. It's been a difficult season for us with a lot happening on & off the pitch but we've got through it, survived & next season we'll thrive.

I'm already feeling emotional writing this so i'll end with this, big thanks to Liverpool football club, Ibis fc & all those who work so hard to bring us the game we love every week for a solid 9 months a year and all of the Ibis fc 4's players who've put in great efforts this season. Both of the sides I love will be back, bigger and stronger next season.

Well done you Redmen & UP THE IBIS in 2014/2015

I'm Straight Shootin' LJA & that's my opinion

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