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Wenger & Ungrateful fans

To my surprise, I picked up the Daily Mirror about a week back and read an article, which stated that a minuscule fraction of Arsenal glory hunters (the new wave of fans who talk absolute nonsense) were so unhappy that they decided to disrespect Arsene Wenger by parading a banner which read “Sign-ins or Signs off”. If I were Arsene Wenger (who is one of Arsenal’s most successful managers) I would be absolutely disgusted. Especially after the tuff season he and his players endured; a squad hit by niggling injuries, a back-biting board; a couple of loose-lipped players and pundits talking and slurring around every corner. However, he still managed to ensure we finished in the top four above our rival's spurs...

I just can’t understand the nerve of these so-called Arsenal fans, how can they call into question Arsene Wenger's ability to manage when his consistency within the league is second to only Alex Ferguson, he has not finished outside the top four in his tenure at the club, and it was not until the billionaires entered the premiership that he was finishing no lower than the top three. Also, Wenger was the first-ever overseas manager to win the premier league back in 1997/1998 this was topped up with a Fa cup victory the same year, since then he has won 2 more leagues in 2002 and 2004, plus 3 more Fa Cups in 2002, 2003 and 2005, and he remains the most successful overseas manager to manage an English club to this date.

Fan’s have been hitting out at Wenger for the trophy baron spell since our FA Cup win in 05, however, if you ask me Arsene Wenger has been pulling off some of the grandest masterstrokes. What many of these egotistical Arsenal fans don’t realize is Arsene Wenger has given more to Arsenal than he most likely expected. He has literally put in over 13 years of his life contributing to all areas of the club set up, introducing a new health regime; a new style of play; a youth academy second to none; assisting in the design of the new stadium, and winning trophies (He must also be merited with having an unbeaten squad over the course of one season), where all this criticism comes from I do not know.

To sum up, Arsenal fans should more than appreciate Arsene Wenger for his achievements; they should praise him at least three times a day, rather than begrudge him for a few seasons of hard times. Wenger has been loyal to Arsenal, helping us to grow as a club both on and off the pitch. The past 4 seasons have seen him working with the bare minimum to create a top-four team, any other manager would have walked as the task is almost impossible for all other clubs to do, what he has done. Nope! Not, Wenger, he stayed believing he could create a team within the means of the club that could compete at the top, Wenger has stuck to his guns to ensure Arsenals future and I think us Arsenal fan at least owe him the same level of respect to ensure his!!!

In Arsene I Trust

G.Henry aka DaGman

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