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What a strange trip...so far

Well, as the title of this blog says, what a strange trip it's been so far in the Barclays Premier League.

11 games in and things are going absolutely mental, some things have remained the same as they have over the last couple of years with Chelsea at the top of the league, but even they have been involved in some strange goings-on. Newcastle being 5th after 11 games, no one would have predicted that, Blackpool in the top 7 after 11 games, Liverpool having to work their way out of the relegation zone and now being 5 points off 4th spot, Chelsea getting beaten 2-0 by that same Liverpool side who were apparently in a relegation battle 2/3 games ago, Arsenal being beaten at home by Newcastle for the 1st time in years, it's been mad on the pitch. There has been the odd mad event off the pitch as well, with Andy Carroll moving in with Kevin Nolan as part of bail conditions, Ivan Klasnic and Titus Bramble being arrested after being accused of rape, and Chris Hughton being the victim of a media-generated campaign to get him sacked before a win against Arsenal and a big win against Sunderland. It's been a bit odd so far because you've got to add in the protracted Liverpool takeover saga and the Wayne Rooney saga as well, so on and off the pitch the Barclays Premier league has provided entertainment, thrills, spills, intrigue and mystery in equal measure. Now, on the pitch again this bonfire 2010 weekend has proven nothing can be taken for granted, most people thought that Chelsea would have a cake walk towards the title after obliterating Blackpool, Wigan and West Brom earlier in the season but it's looking a little different after being beaten by Manchester City and Liverpool this past weekend. It's also interesting to note that newly promoted Newcastle are the leagues best travellers after picking up a historic win at the Emirates in the league. Blackpool and Newcastle are both exceeding expectations for sure and it is still only a quarter of the way through the season, but there have been some shockers in terms of results. We were broadcasting Pitch Talk Live when news was filtering through about Liverpool being beaten 3-0 by Manchester City at Eastlands, but the mad results don't stop there, West Brom beating Arsenal at the Emirates and Chelsea failing to score at Aston Villa were also notable results due to the shock value more than anything but Liverpool's humiliation at Goodison park and Man City's humbling at Molineux, and Newcastle's infliction of halloween havoc on Sunderland were additions to this catalogue of strange goings on in the EPL.

This will be one of my shorter blogs as it was just a passing thought after watching my beloved Liverpool's win against Chelsea on the ol' telly box but what a strange trip it's been so far, and there are many many more twists and turns left to come in the remaining games of this season, so in closing, the Barclays Premier League may not be a level playing field, but the unexpected should always be expected because on the EPL stage, it's always...SHOWTIME FOLKS!!!

I'm The Straight Shootin' One, And thats my opinion!!!

Liam Angell aka Straight Shootin' LJA

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