Dec. 31, 2018

The Straight Shootin' view Episode 20 - Danny Rose & Russian Racism

The Straight Shootin' view Episode 20 - Danny Rose & Russian Racism
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The Straight Shootin' View Episode 20 is right here! Pitch Talk co-host Straight Shootin' LJA gives his view on anything football, from match results to bigger issues in the game. In this episode Straight Shootin' LJA discusses Danny Rose and his recent interview where he revealed that he had to ask his family not to attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia because he feared they'd be racially abused. SSLJA gives his view on the powers that be (FIFA, UEFA et al) and whether or not they do enough to even try and stop racism and if football has a responsibility to help stop Racism & much more. Connect with Straight Shootin' LJA on Twitter - @SSLJA Facebook - For info on Pitch Talk and what we do check out this short video - Check out all of our videos on YouTube - Our podcasts can be found on -‬‬ (itunes)‬‬ (podomatic)‬ (mixcloud) - Older show archive can be found here (spreaker) For more information about Pitch Talk visit: (Become a fan, friend & member of our Facebook group) @pitchtalk - (Tweet with us & follow us) - (view our videos) - (View our blogs) For Enquiries -- Email: