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About Us

We are fans of football (soccer) dropping videos and vlogs on the beautiful game. We tackle (pun intended) stories and issues on and off the pitch from tactical breakdowns and transfers, to how football affects society, politics of the game and everything in between. If there's a point to be discussed, we'll hit it head on with honest opinions. Connect with us and join the Pitch Talk revolution!!!


What is Pitch Talk? Who are we, What do we do and Where can you find us?

Find out more about what we do here >>> https://youtu.be/4Za48T_AENc 

About the Hosts

Liam Angell aka Straight Shootin' LJA (SSLJA)Profile Photo

Liam Angell aka Straight Shootin' LJA (SSLJA)

Our lead voice, but far from the only voice, Straight Shootin' LJA is our ever-opinionated Liverpool FC supporting co-host & Pitch Talk co-founder, Ibis Eagles AFC player, Videographer, host of The Straight Shootin' View & lover of discussion about all things football (on & off the pitch)

Gavin Henry aka Da G-ManProfile Photo

Gavin Henry aka Da G-Man

Our other Pitch Talk co-founder, Arsenal fanatic, webcast & video production specialist along with being very opinionated himself, the host of Five Minutes with Da G, ladies and gentlemen we present, Gavin 'Da G-man' Henry

Jaymie Bailey aka JBKProfile Photo

Jaymie Bailey aka JBK

Our Women's football aficionado & Arsenal supporter, who is also an FA licensed & qualified football coach working in the youth and female game, the host of Coaching with JBK and the man behind Believe and Achieve Coaching... Coach Jaymie 'JBK' Bailey

Nathan 'Arsenal'Profile Photo

Nathan 'Arsenal'

A friend of our co-hosts & guest contributor since the early days of Pitch Talk, Arsenal supporter & a man who watches more games per week than you can shake a stick at, it's Nathan Arsenal