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Straight Shootin' View Episode 106 - Channel 4, England & Free to air football Preview

***VLOG/Podcast Preview*** Straight Shootin View Episode 106 - Channel 4, England & Free to air football Preview

Channel 4 winning the rights to show England friendlies, Nations League & European Championship Qualifiers, how important is this for England fans? Should international football be strictly on free-to-air television?

On this episode of The Straight Shootin' View our co-host SSLJA talks about Channel 4 winning the rights to show England matches until 2024, including European Championship qualifiers, Nations league and Friendly matches.

SSLJA discusses how important Channel 4 winning these rights is to England fans and fans of football, especially with cost of living skyrocketing recently and he asks if international football should be on free-to-air tv only, due to so much football being behind an extortionately priced paywall.

SSLJA also discusses the importance of football (Such as the Women's Team GB side during the London 2012 Olympics) being on free-to-air tv, along with his memories of football being on free-to-air television, including Football Italia, UEFA Cup matches on BBC, Champions League coverage on ITV, Cup Winners Cup matches on Channel 5 & more.

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